Sunday, September 07, 2014

Sleep at the Troubadour II

Ever since I caught Sleep for the first time at MDF 2013, I had wanted to see the band in a more intimate setting. Well, I finally got my chance last weekend as Sleep descended upon the Troubadour in West Hollywood. I wasn't scheduled to formally review this show, but, suffice to say, Sleep's gigantic sound thoroughly demolished the sold out crowd.

A few pictures from my iPhone...

 The t-shirt haul...

Clearing the decks of recent reviews. First, a few full-length reviews at Heavy Metal at By the way, has just undergone a major, well overdue, upgrade in appearance.

Accept Blind Rage

YOB Clearing The Path To Ascend

Earth Primitive And Deadly 

A few "shorties"...

Empire Auriga Ascending The Solar Throne

Principality Of Hell Fire And Brimstone

Provacator Antikristus

Black Twilight Circle (Various Artists) Tliltic Tlapoyauak

 Bloodsoaked Religious Apocalypse

Over at Last Rites...

Krieg Transient

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Backlit #3

After a long wait, Backlit #3 has finally been published! A webzine unlike any other featuring articles, interviews, artist profiles, and weird fiction, Backlit is the brainchild of Josh Haun of the fabulous That's How Kids Die and Brandon Duncan of Expiring Sun (amongst a myriad of other projects).

In this issue, I contribute two interviews. First, I chat with Nick Nunns, proprietor and master brewer at TRVE Brewing and, second, I interview members of Seidr, Bindrune Recordings' best kept secret of astronomical, eco-tinged funeral doom.

Special thanks to Brandon Duncan for his tireless work under difficult circumstances and for putting up with my inquiries.

I've not written many reviews lately, but here is a VERY HEAVILY EDITED version of my review of the latest album from Nachtmystium at Heavy Metal at

Nachtmystium The World We Left Behind

 Maybe, next?

The Comic Con t-shirt haul!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wolves In The Throne Room at the Echoplex

Atmospheric and flawless. My official review of the show can be found, as usual, here at Heavy Metal. I arrived at the Echoplex to catch most of Volahn's set, but I was not able to squeeze in to get close shots. Volahn were quite good, and I wonder if this was the first live appearance of a band associated with the Black Twilight Circle.


Wolves In The Throne Room

A "shortie" at Heavy Metal...

Ancient Altar

The third edition of Dave's Demo Roundup has been published at Metal Bandcamp featuring reviews of demos from Gruesome, Deceptionist, Ghastly, and Tetragrammaton.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sargeist, Nightbringer, and Ritual Combat at the Black Castle

The mid-July temperatures are soaring in Southern California, and what better way to celebrate than to trek down to the Black Castle, swelter in the heat, and witness Sargeist and Nightbringer hit the stage. I also made it in time to catch Ritual Combat.

I wasn't scheduled to formally review this show, but, as is always the case with promoter Hatewar Productions, this was a great concert. I skipped most of the openers, but arrived in time for Ritual Combat. Ritual Combat were a little looser and sloppier than the last time that I had seen them, Nightbringer were good, but repetitive, and Sargeist were spot on. The Black Castle was packed to capacity, and the temperature inside was approaching 100 degrees. The pit went nuts for Sargeist.

Here are a few iPhone pictures.

Ritual Combat



The t-shirt haul!

Here's a huge backlog of recent review links. First, some full-length reviews published at Heavy Metal at over the last few months...

Vader Tibi Et Igni

Mayhem Esoteric Warfare

Corrosion Of Conformity IX

Incantation Dirges Of Elysium

Tombs Savage Gold

Goatwhore Constricting Rage Of The Merciless

Origin Omnipresent

Next up are a bunch of "shorties"....

Dead Congregation Promulgation Of The Fall

Dust Bolt Awake The Riot

Vassafor/ Sinistrous Diabolus Split

ACxDC Antichrist Demoncore

Cemetery Lust Orgies Of Abomination

Terminal Death Terminal Death

Here are a few reviews that I've written over at Last Rites...

Mournful Congregation Concrescence Of The Sophia

Misery Index The Killing Gods

Bastard Sapling Instinct Is Forever

Lastly, I wrote a second edition of Dave's Demo Roundup over at Metal Bandcamp...

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